The Amsterdam Network for the Study of Violent Interactions

The Amsterdam Network for the Study of Violent Interactions brings together researchers and practitioners engaged in understanding, explaining and preventing violence as it takes place in interpersonal encounters. It does so by organizing lectures, seminars, courses, and joint research projects. The main question that drives our work is under what conditions situations de-escalate or escalate, how they move towards or away from (extreme) violence. To answer this question, we focus on what people do when they engage in antagonism. We consider violence and de-escalation as resulting from how antagonists and third parties react to one another. 

We use video data, interviews, real time observation and judicial case files to study antagonistic situations. These data allow us to produce qualitative and quantitative findings.

We study various groups, such as police teams, security guards, ticket inspectors and delinquent youth groups.

Our team considers different forms of violence, such as street violence, gender based violence, gang violence, arranged fights, lynching, and robberies as well as de-escalatory action in urban public spaces. 

Researchers affiliated with ACIV take an interdisciplinary perspective on violence drawing on sociology, criminology, anthropology, psychology, behavioral biology, neuro science, computer science, and law with a focus on what shapes the interactional dynamics where violence takes place.

Our research is funded by:
The European Research Council (Consolidator grant awarded to Don Weenink).
The Netherlands Organization of Scientific Research (Vidi grant awarded to Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard).
The Danish Independent Research Council (Leadership grant awarded to Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard).
The Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development (Covid-19 grant awarded to Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard).
Arbejdsmilj√łforskningsfoden, the Danish Working Environment Fund (Working environement funds awarded to Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard and Lasse Liebst)

We are based at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research, Department of Sociology, University of Amsterdam and the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement. We also collaborate closely with researchers from University of Copenhagen 

Have a look at the projects we are involved in, our publications, and who we are. For more info, please contact us via email.




Night Life
Night-Life Security Staff

Phie van Rompu

Free fight groups and hooligans

Rozalie Lekkerkerk

Delinquent youth
Delinquent youth

Floris Mosselman

Police teams
Police teams

Laura Keesman


Raheel Dhattiwala and Don Weenink

Vigilante Mob
Vigilante mob violence

Muhammad Asif

Video analysis
Video analysis of violent interactions

Raheel Dhattiwala, David van der Duin and Don Weenink

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